Anna Holden

This is one of the kindest dentists and staff I've ever been to. I'd had a two year break from dental care when I first arrived, and my teeth needed some serious help. The staff gave me the most gentle, pain-free and calm teeth cleaning I'd ever had (I get nervous at the dentist), and Dr. Salazar is friendly and approachable. I highly recommend this dental practice!

Carly Garcia

I’ve been going here for years. Doctor Salazar is great and he speaks Spanish. Staff is also very friendly.

Brook Afework

Was quick and easy. Didn’t hurt at all and got everything cleaned out as quickly as possible but as thoroughly too. Very professional, would recommend!

Annelise Holverstott

I have been going here for about 5 years and it’s a great place for dental care. Everyone is very friendly and courteous and makes an effort to remember me between visits. They make useful suggestions for better habits at home, but they’re not pushy like some dentists I’ve been to. It’s never hard to get an appointment at a time I like. Highly recommended!

Nini Ungco

I just moved to Renton from New York this year and I was really apprehensive about going to a dentist when I had an issue. I knew nothing about Dr. Salazar but decided to go because I really needed one. I was pleasantly surprised at the professionalism, expertise/skill of the dentist and the friendly and efficient staff. I couldn't be happier with my decision and would highly recommend him to others.

Jeff Rochon

I was looking for a new Dentist after moving. After doing some research I came across Highland and decided to give them a try. I have been extremely happy with my experience going to see Dr. Salazar over the last year. This is the first dentist I’ve gone to that made me feel comfortable, ensured that they got me in on time (if not early), and aren’t just trying to crank people in and out. They go above and beyond to make sure their patients are happy with their experience.